Highs and lows ☻☹ [fingerboard]
Highs and lows ☻☹ [fingerboard]
Highs and lows ☻☹ [fingerboard]

Highs and lows ☻☹ [fingerboard]

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“Highs and lows” ☻☹

artwork by Marcos Ledesma for ÅCD 


What’s included in box

•skate deck


•board assembly tool



•key Chain clip 



[assembly not included]

assembly instructions!

1.) before screwing in screw on trucks through the board, I highly suggest first screwing the screws in before hand to loosen up the threads because they can be somewhat stiff at first. Also a dry piece of cloth or latex glove allows for better grip on the assembly tool !

2.) then proceed to put screws through hole and screw into trucks. 

3.) slap on the grip tape 👍


that’s it. Have fun!